About us

The DAJV was founded in 1975 to promote the interest of its members and other interested parties in American and German jurisprudence.

The DAJV offers:

  • Frequent seminars, conferences and lectures on U.S. and German legal theory and practice
  • An annual conference on German and American law that meets in the United States and Germany
  • Five specialty member sections that permit our members to examine in greater depth the legal issues and trends most important to their work
  • Information for American students who wish to pursue post-graduate studies and work in Germany
  • A variety of publications ranging from books (about how to study law in the U.S.) to the DAJV Newsletter, itself a widely-recognized Legal Journal on German and American Law
  • Internship services for students and legal trainees
  • Mentor program for young lawyers and students
  • Seperate Student Division






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