Antitrust, Regulated Industries, Media

The "Antitrust/Regulated Industries & Media“ (ARIM) member section addresses regulatory issues affecting industry.  It emerged as a spin-off from the “Media/Telecoms/IT” section in 2009, as members recognized that the increased number and variety of regulatory issues being debated by the group, particularly from the antitrust field, required the strategic establishment of a section to more thoroughly address member interest. The DAJV thus decided to integrate “Antitrust” and “Regulated Industries” in the section “Media/Telecoms/IT”. The section is not only engaged in antitrust and regulatory matters in the media sector  but also addresses current regulatory and antitrust issues in all industries and commerce.

Head of Section ARIM

Dr. Christa Pfeil-Kammerer, LL.M.

Dr. Jens Peter Schmidt