Arbitration, Litigaton, Mediation

The Section ALM addresses issues of transatlantic dispute settlement through arbitration, litigation and mediation.

Head of Section Arbitration Litigation Mediation

Dr. Rolf M. Winkler, LL.M.

Dr. Alexandra Diehl, LL.M.

Working Group Day 2017

The Working Group Arbitration, Litigaton, Mediation discussed the following topics:

New Approaches to Attorney Remuneration and Financing in International Litigation/Arbitration on both sides of the Atlantic in times of Digitalization

"Our system of justice has become unaffordable to most", Lord Thomas, the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, said in his 2015 report to the UK Parliament. While the hourly fees of top US and UK law firms have been on the rise for a while, clients are increasingly objecting to traditional approaches to attorney remuneration. This is especially the case when it comes to cross-border litigation and arbitration which distract from clients' core business. How is the market in Europe and the United States reacting to this? How should it react from a client's perspective? What role do new technologies like Watson play? Questions like these had been discussed by experienced panelists.

German international arbitration law on a road to major reform

Germany has so far not been a hub for many cross-border arbitrations between German and US parties. Will the envisaged reform of both the Arbitration Rules of the German Institution of Arbitration DIS and Germany's Arbitration law, the 10th book of the German Code of Civil Procedure., change this status? What was lacking so far and are drastic changes necessary? Questions like these had been discussed by experienced panellists during the afternoon session.

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