Constitution, Legislation, Public Law

Established in 2004, this section generally addresses constitutional legal topics like federalism and the separation of church and state in terms of governmental structures and basic foundational rights in a larger global context.  Moreover, the section focuses on business and environmental regulation with respect to administrative law, answering questions such as how legal frameworks and socio-political issues affect migration and homeland security both from the American, German and European perspectives.   

Head of section Constitution Legislation Public Law

Dr. Günter Krings, LL.M., MdB

Professor Dr. Jutta Stender-Vorwachs, LL.M.

Working Group Day 2017

The Working Group Constitution, Legislation and Public Law discussed the topic:

Mobility 4.0: Legal Aspects of Autonomous Driving – a Comparison between Germany and the US

The Working Group Constitution, Legislation and Public Law outlined the existing legal framework of autonomous driving in Germany and the United States. While the issue of autonomous driving is of particular interest to the general public and technological developments in this area are innovative and extremely fastmoving, there are only few comprehensive contributions available, that outline the various (legal) challenges facing this new industry. The legal concerns are manifold and stretch from the core fields of traffic law, contract law, liability and insurance law, as far as to questions of intellectual property rights, data privacy, data- and consumer protection as well as criminal and human rights law and even touch on questions of procedural and competition law. 

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