Dr. Olaf Christiansen

Welcome to the website of the German-American Lawyers Association (DAJV). We are pleased about your interest!

All DAJV members share an affinity in the USA. We want to promote mutual understanding between Europeans and Americans in order to be able to discuss transatlantic legal issues openly and critically.

Our association is open to lawyers of all professions and ages. We are pleased about the great commitment of our younger members in particular. We are proud of our open culture, everyone is welcome.

We are present at numerous regional, national and international events in Germany and the USA. Most recently, we met in Hamburg from July 5 to 7 to celebrate our annual conference and general meeting at the honourable Bucerius Law School and the traditional rowing club Favorite Hammonia. The visit of the Elbphilharmonie as a highlight at the end made this year's meeting an unforgettable experience.

Be part of a network of over 2,500 lawyers from Europe and the USA. Everyone is invited to get involved. It's worth it!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

With kind regards
Dr. Olaf Christiansen, LL.M.
- President of the DAJV -