Prof. Buxbaum: The Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Securities Law After Morrison v. National Australia Bank

30.06.2011 (18:30)

Universität Bonn/ Juridicum / Hörsaal F / Adenauerallee 24-42 / 53113 // Bonn

Discarding the jurisdictional tests that had been developed by the lower courts, the Court adopted a new standard based on the location of the investment transaction.

In this talk, Professor Buxbaum will discuss the Morrison case and its aftermath.  The talk will touch on some of the cases that have followed Morrison – for example, the multi-billion dollar lawsuit brought by hedge funds against Porsche, which was thrown out by a federal district court in 2010 but is currently on appeal – and will explore whether any remedies remain available in the United States to foreign investors harmed by securities fraud.

Zu diesem Thema spricht:
Professor Hannah Buxbaum (Indiana University)

Prof. Dr. Daniel Zimmer, LL.M. (UCLA) (Universität Bonn)   
Helge Pühl (DAJV Student Division, Chapter West I)

Zur Person:
Professor Buxbaum teaches Comparative Law, Contracts, International Business Transactions, International Litigation, and Secured Transactions at the Indiana University. She joined the faculty at Indiana Law in 1997 after practicing as an associate in the New York and Frankfurt offices of Davis Polk & Wardwell.
She is a recipient of the school's Leon H. Wallace Teaching Award and has twice won the Gavel Award for outstanding contribution to the graduating class. She has conducted research in Germany as an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow and taught as a visiting professor at the universities of Cologne, Kiel, and Nurnberg-Erlangen as well as the San Diego Institute for International and Comparative Law in London.

Buxbaum's research is in the areas of private international law and international litigation and jurisdiction, and she publishes widely in both U.S. and European journals. She is a past member of the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law and is active in that and other organizations, including the American Society of Comparative Law and the Association of American Law Schools. She has been elected to membership in the American Law Institute.

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