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LL.M. Stanford Law – Experience Report (Part 2) – “Everything I Tell You Is Wrong – Somewhere”

Nikolaus Schröder writes about his LL.M. studies at Stanford Law School as part of the LL.M. class of 2023 in an ongoing series.


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Erfolgreiche DAJV Premiere auf der KÖ-Meile

Mission accomplished: Charity-Lauf finanziert Reisestipendium für Jahreskonferenz in Chicago.


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Sieben Fragen an Dr. Christa Pfeil-Kammerer – Alumni Activities

Dr. Christa Pfeil-Kammerer zur Leiterin der DAJV Alumni Activities ernannt. Hier stellt Sie die Ziele der Alumni-Gruppe vor.


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Where Coal is King, the Subjects Go Bankrupt

Up until 2013, coal remained the largest private-sector provider of jobs in the U.S. and is still the country's dominant power source. Renewable and alternative energies, necessary to abet the climate crisis, are present, available and very importantly, becoming cheaper than fossil fuels.  The US has yet to implement a plan to adopt these alternatives and achieve the necessary emission reductions.


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