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Delaware Court of Chancery Tightens Duties of Corporate Officers

Under Delaware law, officers and directors are subject to the same fiduciary duties, including the duty of oversight. Thus, implementing information systems and reporting misconduct e.g. sexual harassment, are key responsibilities.


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Impeachment oder das 14th Amendment?

Nach der Amtsübergabe ist vor der Amtsübergabe: Wie eine zweite Amtszeit von Donald Trump durch den Kongress verhindert werden kann.


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Die Biden-Regierung – Überblick über geplante Gesetzesinitiativen

Die von Joe Biden geplanten Gesetzesinitiativen in den Bereichen Handelsrecht, Arbeitsrecht, Einwanderung, Klimapolitik und Infrastruktur im Überblick.


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US Elections – What Would Happen if There Was a 269-to-269 Electoral College Tie?

Right now, the United States ended an unprecedented election season. During the election process was hard, if not impossible, to escape the seemingly endless amount of political ads, posts, and yard signs telling you whom to vote for. Furthermore, it seems that the USA were more divided than ever. 


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