DAJV Expert Groups

The DAJV Expert Groups serve to deepen specialist thought and discussion by offering our members an exciting platform for debating current legal and related issues in expert circles amongst a lively exchange of ideas.

The Expert Groups assist in expanding the subject-related work of the DAJV. They enable their members to establish, maintain and improve contacts with one another, particularly, at the annual Transatlantic Legal Conference #tlc, held every spring in Frankfurt am Main, the legal and financial center of Germany.

Participants at the #tlc meet with other high-ranking experts and business leaders, who speak on current topics from the perspective of the Expert Group. What sets the #tlc apart is its transatlantic focus, where transnation topics are examined from unique German/European and U.S. perspectives, making the event equally relevant for researchers and practitioners.

The DAJV offers the following subject groups to its members and interested parties:

Christian Krebs
Expert Group coordinator
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Arbitration, Litigation, Mediation (ALM)

The ALM Expert Group focuses on issues of transatlantic dispute resolution via the varied means of arbitration, litigation, and mediation. More

Antitrust, Regulated Industries, Media (ARIM)

The ARIM Expert Group takes on issues relating to media, communications and antitrust law. More

Constitution, Legislation, Public Law (CLPL)

The CLPL Expert Group addresses constitutional and administrative law issues such as federalism, homeland security and economic and environmental law and justice. More

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

The M&A Expert Group presents on issues related to corporate sales, mergers and acquisitions and matters at the core of cross-border corporate and company law. More

Tax Law

The tax law Expert Group addresses aspect of tax law affecting German-American legal and commercial relations. More