For students

The Student Division is committed to dialogue and discussion on legal issues in the transatlantic context. It showcases numerous alternative career opportunities that are available to students interested in transatlantic law. More

For Young Professionals

The Young Professionals group is open to young legal professional and persons interested in the transatlantic exchange. More

Expert Groups

The DAJV Expert Groups serve to deepen specialist thought and discussion by offering our members an exciting platform for debating current legal and related issues in expert circles amongst a lively exchange of ideas. More

Internship Service

The DAJV Internship Service has mediated contacts between young lawyers and American law firms and authorities for more than 20 years. More

Mentoring program

The Mentoring program offers young lawyers individual support in planning and carrying out a university or professional stay in the USA. Please contact us for more information. More


Essential element of our porfolio attracting young lawyers for decades. More