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5.07.2021 | Online Meeting & Virtual Reception

It was the privacy, and not the GDPR – Collisions of Data Protection Law Regimes and How to solve them

Data Law possibly is one of the most emerging legal fields of modern times. Simply the fact that data is part of one’s everyday life calls for Data Protection and Regulation laws to provide users the utmost safety – all while keeping the business of data profitable. The presentation series „Data Protection Rules (in) The World“ offers two presentations with follow-up discussions on this topic.

Prof. Dr. Kai von Lewinski has opened these events with his presentation on the following topic:

Passenger Name Records (PNR), Schrems I, Schrems II: these cases illustrate different attitudes and concepts of data protection, privacy and data business on both sides of the Atlantic. They pose a big problem for transatlantic businesses. But they are only part of a larger picture – collisions of data protection law regimes worldwide.

The second presentation with Prof. Dr. Moritz Hennemann can be found here soon.


Prof. Dr. Kai von Lewinski is a German jurist who currently holds a chair on Public, Media and Information Law at the University of Passau in Bavaria, Germany. He undertook his legal education at the University of Heidelberg, Freiburg and Berlin (Germany) as well as studies in history. Following his habilitation in 2010 he began his professorship at Passau in 2014, where he currently works on a combined research project on “Vectors of Data Disclosure” alongside colleague Prof. Dr. Moritz Hennemann MJur. (Oxon.).

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Sophia-Marie Klingler is the head of the DAJV’s recently founded Student Division Chapter in Passau, which is hosting this presentation series. She is a law student at the University of Passau, Germany and is currently preparing to undertake the first state exam to acquire her legal degree.