LL.M. Days 2020 Program:


Information for Law Schools

Meet top German and European students at the DAJV LL.M. Days in an intimate atmosphere. No public LL.M. fair in Germany offers a more suitable environment for promising conversation. By using a special registration procedure with a mandatory letter of application, we make sure you will only meet candidates who are indeed suitable – personally and professionally.


Who will I meet?
Some of the best German law students and legal trainees at different stages of preparation for advanced legal education in the U.S.

How can I present my law school?
Your university will be assigned a virtual profile where you can chat with interested students and use a planning tool to arrange a video call with a fixed date. You can also upload materials and videos. We would like to encourage you to invite alumnis of your school to act as additional representatives. This will allow you to increase the number of counselling sessions that can be held simultaneously. If you wish, we will be happy to assist you in contacting the alumni. We are pretty sure that we do have alumni of yours among our members.

What does the fee cover?
Your fee includes a profile on the virtual fair as well as the placement of your logo on advertising campaigns (print/social media/DAJV website) and your university profile on the DAJV website prior to the event. You can nominate up to four representatives for video calls.

How exactly will the video calls and virtual roundtables look like?
We will provide all law schools with the opportunity to conduct pre-scheduled video interviews during the days of the fair (i.e. November 6-7, 3 hours each, 5-8 pm CET, 11 am-2 pm EST). Interested participants will be able to book such interviews via a calendar displayed on each individual university profiles visible to all participants. In addition, all law schools are offered the possibility to hold their own virtual roundtable (VR). Such VRs are an optional format that each law school may use at its own discretion. Basically, the VR option can be used by a participating law school to offer panel discussions at any time during the fair with any duration and any frequency desired, which the participants may freely enter without prior appointment.

Our event system will provide for all required software for both, 1:1 talks and VR. You don’t need to organize for own software solutions (e.g. Skype, Zoom etc.).

When and where will it take place?
The DAJV LL.M. Days 2020 will take place from Thursday, November 5 until Saturday, November 7, 2020

By when do I have to apply?
Early booking and advance payment are required and encouraged to make sure your law school will benefit from our entire marketing campaign. Please apply by October 2, 2020.

Do you need more information? Please send us an email