U.S. Masters Programs
Seminar & Fair // November 6, 2023 // Cologne

Studying abroad is a unique and exciting time where you can develop your professional skills as well as gain valuable personal experience. By participating in a Master of Laws program in the USA, you will expand your knowledge of a foreign legal system and fascinating country.

Join us on November 6 for our DAJV LL.M. Day and delve into the world of LL.M. studies. Discover why studying in the US is a great choice, learn how to find and enroll in your ideal university, explore ways to fund your studies, meet representatives from excellent law schools, and investigate available scholarship options.

This year, we’re excited to host our event in a new and inspiring location—the iconic RheinEnergieSTADION, home to Bundesliga member 1. FC Köln. We were fortunate enough to have the club’s legal department participate in our program, and for this reason alone, your visit to Cologne promises to be truly enriching.

But, of course, we’ve saved the best for last: At the end of the event, we’ll be giving away free flights to the US and educational scholarships to lucky attendees. Missing this event would be a missed opportunity.

We’ll be continuously updating this page, so stay tuned for more information.

You can find the program from last year’s DAJV LL.M. Day and the list of the participating 26 law schools here.

Information for Law Schools

Information for Participants


10.00 a.m.    Welcome & Opening of the Seminar
10.10 a.m.    Panel I “Why study in the U.S.?” (held in German)
11.00 a.m.    Session “How to Select a Law School and How to Apply” (held in English)
11.50 p.m.    Panel II “How to Finance your U.S. Education” (held in German)
12.40 p.m.    Impuls “Becoming a Lawyer” (held in English)
 1.00 p.m.     Excursus “Behind the Scenes: The Professional Life of the Legal Counsels of a Bundesliga Club” (held in German)
 1.30 p.m.     Lunch break


 2.00 p.m.     Welcome & Opening of the Fair / Pre-scheduled group meetings
 3:00 p.m.     Open Floor / Fair
 5.00 p.m.     Fair Closing
 5.10 p.m.     Closing Remarks / Talent Partner‘s Scholarship Raffle & Winner‘s Announcement

This program will be constantly updated. For details, please refer to the event brochure.

Location address:

RheinEnergieSTADION, Tribüne Ost
Aachener Straße 999, 50933 Köln

If you require any further information, let us know:

Law Schools attending in 2023