Transatlantic Law Journal

Transatlantic Law Journal

The Transatlantic Law Journal (TLJ), the official publication of the German-American Lawyers' Association (DAJV), serves as a platform to delve into key transatlantic legal issues and developments.

The journal aims to provide insights into legal practice, navigate cultural influences on legal developments, and offer a diverse perspective on transatlantic issues. As a guiding mission, the TLJ explores new legal frontiers and invites readers to join in shaping legal relationships on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Explore the offerings in the latest TLJ issue:

Issue 2/2024
Issue 2/2024
Issue 2/2024

The Editorial Board of the TLJ:

  • George A. Bermann
    Professor at Columbia Law School
  • Franco Ferrari
    Professor at NYU School of Law
  • James H. Boykin
    Partner at Hughes Hubbard & Reed
  • Stephan Harbarth
    President of the German Constitutional Court
  • Claudia Junker
    General Counsel for Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Juliane Kokott
    Advocate General, Court of Justice of the European Union
  • Alexander Lorz
    Minister in the German Federal State of Hessen
  • Thomas Meiers
    Chief Governance and Legal Officer at SEAT, S.A. and CUPRA
  • Thomas Pfeiffer
    DAJV President and Professor at Heidelberg University
  • Catherine Rogers
    Professor at Bocconi University
  • Norbert Röttgen
    Member of German Parliament and of the Foreign Affairs Committee
  • Giesela Rühl
    Professor at Humboldt University Berlin
  • Anahita Thoms
    Partner at Baker McKenzie
  • Stephan Wilske
    Partner at Gleiss Lutz
  • Diane P. Wood
    Director of the American Law Institute, Senior Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit

The Editorial Team

Stephan Wilske and James H. Boykin with a team of dedicated transatlantic practitioners including

  • Zelda Bank
  • Björn P. Ebert
  • Daniel Felz
  • Todd Fox
  • Martin Gusy
  • Lukas Hollerung
  • Blerina Jasari
  • Clemens Kochinke
  • Tamara Kraljic
  • Ian Pate
  • Jan-Christian Spetzger
  • Allison Torline
  • Friedrich Weyland

Becoming a member of the DAJV is truly worthwhile

In addition to the countless benefits that DAJV membership has been offering transatlantic enthusiasts for almost 50 years, being a part of the DAJV has become even more rewarding since the launch of the TLJ.

As a DAJV member, you receive six issues of the TLJ per year at no extra cost. The annual subscription fee for the TLJ without membership is € 45 per single issue or € 250.00 per year. Since January 2024, there is also the option to access the magazine digitally via Beck-Online.

Therefore, become a member today and take advantage of this exclusive benefit.

The Transatlantic Law Journal is an open forum

Please share your ideas, proposals, insight and expertise, and contribute to the transatlantic exchange of ideas, knowledge, and dialog! The TLJ is accepting articles on a wide variety of law topics relevant to the transatlantic context, including, but not limited to:

  • Transatlantic Trade and Investment
  • Competition and Antitrust
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Constitutional and Public Law
  • Environmental and Climate Law
  • Regulation
  • Social Media, Digitalization,
  • Privacy and Artificial Intelligence
  • Rule of Law

The Transatlantic Law Journal will publish an issue every two months, for a total of six a year. Four to eight pages is ideal for an article. Suggestions for book reviews are also welcome, as are announcements about upcoming developments in statutory, regulatory, or case law that you see in your area of practice.

Please email your proposed contribution to

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The Transatlantic Law Journal is an open forum!

Please share your ideas, proposals, insight and expertise: