Due to the Corona crisis it is not yet clear in which form the event will be held.

We are currently evaluating how the event should ideally take place. If you are a Law School representative, please support us and participate in our survey!


Essential element of our porfolio attracting young lawyers for decades

For 45 years the Deutsch-Amerikanische Juristen-Vereinigung / German American Lawyers Association has been a leader in transatlantic legal education and exchange. Most of our 2,500 members have graduated with degrees from U.S. law schools and many attended one of our events before applying for their American legal education.

As the largest transatlantic legal network, we are excited about connecting highly motivated and educated German law students with the best U.S. law schools again.

This fall, on November 6, we again brought together the best law schools with the most talented young lawyers in Cologne.

Learn more about previous DAJV LL.M. Days in our archive.

Law Schools attending in 2023

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