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Among the most distinguished U.S. law schools, the University of Chicago is the only one which offers the combination of a small LL.M. program with a real sense of community among its students, a challenging academic experience both inside and outside the classroom and an exciting urban location in one of the great cities of the world.

Our LLM graduates say that their year at the Law School had a great impact on both their subsequent personal and professional lives. They also look back fondly at the friendships that developed and the experiences they shared with classmates and others in the University community.

Academic culture

Critical reasoning is a crucial part of the University of Chicago Law School experience – perhaps our defining characteristic. Our faculty and students are deeply involved in the “life of the mind,” as we call it, and delight in spending their days challenging each other to dig ever deeper into the law as an intellectual discipline.


The Law School has assembled a faculty that is distinguished for its scholarship and its teaching ability. Many LLM students are surprised to discover how accessible and available the faculty are. The custom is for faculty to work in their offices with their doors open. Students do not need to make appointments to meet with them. In addition to the full-time members of the faculty, the Law School has approximately 90 practitioners, faculty members from other areas of the University, and visiting professors from other law schools, who teach courses and seminars each year. A significant portion of the faculty represents academic fields other than law, including economics, history, philosophy, and political science. The strong orientation of the faculty toward research provides students with unusually good opportunities and LLM students often do independent research projects with members of the faculty instead of taking a class or seminar.


During a typical academic year, the Law School offers over 200 courses and seminars.

LLM Overview

The University of Chicago does not offer specialized graduate degrees. There are no specific courses that LLM students are required to take at Chicago, nor are there courses they may not take. This means that students have the flexibility to create their own programs. LLM students often put together course and seminar schedules that reflect certain practice specialties such as corporate/securities, intellectual property, antitrust/regulation of business or commercial transactions. Most, however, also add offerings in areas like constitutional law, legal theory, law and economics, and comparative law to round out their academic experience. Other than an optional LLM writing course and two optional substantive courses designed specifically for LLM students in contracts and constitutional law, there are no courses in the curriculum just for LLM students. Most LLM students will have all of their classes with students in the JD program.

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Financial Aid

Financial aid for students in the LLM program is limited. Grants are available only in a small portion of the total cost. In a typical LLM class, about 30% of the students will receive scholarship grants based on merit from the Law School and the average grant is between $15,000 and $20,000. LLM applicants requiring financial aid should make every effort to obtain assistance from their governments, families, employers, or other outside sources.

All admitted applicants will be automatically considered for merit scholarships based upon the materials submitted in their application.  No additional application is necessary to be considered.  However, in some cases the Graduate Programs Committee may ask individual candidates to supply additional information on a case by case basis.

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Application Requirements

Candidates applying for admission to the LLM Program must use the LSAC LLM Credential Assembly Service.

Chicago requires both the Document Assembly Service (DAS) and the International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service (ITAES).


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