DAJV Young Professionals

The Young Professionals group is open to young legal professional and persons interested in the transatlantic exchange

This platform offers young lawyers, lawyers in training (phd. candidates, trainee lawyers, LLMs), in-house counsel, judges, legal professionals and all interested persons the opportunity to participate and host lectures, workshops, full-scale conferences and excursions in Germany. These events not only provide ideal continuing legal education (CLE) opportunities but also offer intercultural exchange and numerous professional impulses. The focus is on transatlantic topics in law, politics and business in a friendly collegial environment.


Build and expand your professional network
If you want to go out fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Isabel Cagala
Head of Young Professionals
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A professional career is not a sprint, but rather more a marathon with numerous obstacles along the way. Having a strong professional and collegial network at your side is invaluable. The DAJV is just this network. You will meet both career upstarts to share your professional experience and highly versed legal experts who serve as professional role models, inspiration and advisors, this being of particular benefit to young professionals in law and business.

Some of past events:

  • Excursion to Ramstein Air Base (US Air Force), October 2018
  • Insight presentations re the legal departments of leading companies, e.g., Google, Coca-Cola, UBS, Lufthansa, Siemens, throughout year
  • Blockchain Bootcamp / TLC Pre-Conference in Frankfurt am Main, April 2019
  • AI & Big Data Night, Cologne, October 2018
  • Excursion to the EU Commission, Brussels, June 2016
  • Visit to the Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt am Main
  • Workshops: Rhetoric, mediation, soft skills, i.a.

Get involved!

We are pleased that our members are actively committed. If you would like to receive more information, organize an event yourself or get involved in other ways, please contact us: young-professionals@dajv.de

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"The Young Professionals Open Doors: An absolute highlight was our visit to the US Air Force at Ramstein Air Base. Unforgettable!"