By Reinhard von Hennigs

Notorious RBG. I do not believe I need to explain who the notorious RBG was? We all know who Ruth Bader Ginsburg was. As Associate Justice to the United States Supreme Court, she touched so many hearts, and to my surprise, she was even known by my teenaged children when we talked about her legacy.

RBG touched so many lives because she was different, she was smart, intelligent, and she had strong opinions. In the end, it did not matter if you agreed or disagreed with her. It was nice to see the friendship develop between her and Antonin Scalia, who was on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Together they shared interests such as the opera and more.

But did you know that there is an opera written titled “Scalia/Ginsburg”. It is on my list to listen to and to watch. Does anybody know it? Feel free to comment below.


The Author:

Reinhard von Hennigs is the Chairman and Founder of BridgehouseLaw LLP, a North Carolina-based law firm with offices in the United States, Canada, and Germany. He is admitted to practice law as an Attorney in the USA (North Carolina), Germany (Rechtsanwalt), Georgia (Foreign Law Consultant) as well as with the United States Supreme Court.